Wednesday, 5 November 2008


The following are a list of useful Links on O. edulis
This website can offer you a range of extended information on the species, covering basic information, taxonomy, longevity, sensitivity, pictures and importance. The site easily covers everything you would need to know about the species.
More on the historical background of the Oyster can be found on the FAO site along with excellent photographs displaying the anatomical view of the oyster as well as additional information on ongoing dredging and harvesting techniques, diseases and control measures effecting the species, as well as responsible aquaculture practices. The latter of which are lacking on the marlin website.
A great site for all laws and legislations surrounding the species. Stating current status of the species, factors effecting loss and decline, action being taken to counteract this, action plan objectives and targets, proposed actions with lead agencies, policy, legislation, safeguard, species management as well as including links to other pages.
A brief detailed overview of the basic life cycle of the Oyster, excellent read.
Detailed with everything from habitat and species names to diseases and when they effected the species.
A site containing information on the conservation of the Native oyster.